2 x PIR on same set of lights?

Hi all,
may be a simple (or stupid) question.
I've fitted a PIR switched lamp at the back of my house and now want
to put one down the side.
It's a narrow alleyway and I'd like the lights to trip on whether we
approach from the back or the front.
My thoughts were that if I put two lights along the wall and a PIR at
each end it would do what I want but not sure if you can double up on
them like this?
Can anyone offer any advice /wiring info please?
many thanks
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Standalone PIRs usually act just like a switch (although they normally require a neutral to enable the PIR itself to be powered).
like (page 4):
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you can have a bunch of them in parallel if you want. That way any or all of the PIRs will switch the load (which can be any number of lights limited to the maximum switching capacity of the PIR).
To wire them easily, run a power supply in some 1mm^2 T&E via a isolation switch (I would use a two pole one here) out to the most convenient light or PIR position. From there run a 3&E between all the lights and PIRs. Neutrals to all PIRs and lamps, Live to all PIRs, and Switched Live to each lamp and PIR.
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John Rumm
I have such a set up using a PIR light, a standalone PIR and a corner light to cope with seeing the front door opening and the users coming from 2 directions. As John says the PIR is an isolated switch - it is a relay - so can be paralleled. And equally the lights can be put in parallel within the limits of the relay contacts which will be stated on the instructions. Be careful that you get PIR lights that will take an external load - some cheap ones don't.
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