Seized window lock

I have 25 year old Anglian double glazing. On one bedroom window, I
can insert and withdraw the key, but the key won't turn in the lock to
lock the window. As my 2 year old grandson is staying with us
overnight this weekend, and he's into everything that can be turned /
switched /
opened, I've very keen to lock the window. I've been
squirting wd40 into the lock all day, but it's just the same. Can
anyone suggest what else do do?
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Put WD40 on all the moving parts, bolts etc. Try locking it with the window open. See what bit is sticking and give it a helping hand and/or a smear of vaseline. IME these locks suddenly work for no apparent reason
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Stuart Noble
On Nov 15, 3:45 pm, Stuart Noble wrote:
Thanks for the reply. The key won't turn in the lock whetever position the handle is in. Are there any other releasing fluids that anyone recommends, or will pouring hot water on it help? FC
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