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I've only ever used Plumb Center twice.
First time I wanted something around £6. Wouldn't take plastic under £10.
Cash not a problem, but the accounts are much easier using plastic - and
everybody else e.g. Wickes. B&Q, Homebase will take plastic for any amount.
Second visit for a bog standard (no pun intended) cistern siphon. £14 + !!!
B& Q rip off price £9:50, Wickes reasonable price £8:99, Screwfix bargain
price £4.
Last time I use Plumb Center.
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The Medway Handyman
QED - it's the usual trade mafia thing isn't it?
No doubt the plumbers who visit daily will pay a fiver for the same item.
You and me both - it's my very last port of call in town if I need something really urgently
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The branches seem to vary. A few years ago I was doing a lot of (DIY) plumbing work so asked about an account at the local branch, they guys said not to bother and that they would give me trade discounts - and they did. I once got something priced by them but they didn't have it in stock, a branch a few miles away wouldn't budge from the standard price. When I went back recently to the original branch the staff had changed and they were much less interested in dropping the price - so Screwfix won!
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Bit of a game of Russian Roulette, in my experience.
A lot of their stuff is good, and well priced, but when I threw in a couple of flexible tap connectors (which I had just refused to pay £10 for at B&Q) I only noticed later on the receipt that they'd ripped me for £28 (I was ordering quite a few things and didn't think too much of the bill until I noticed the tap connectors).
Good place, good gear, but you have to watch some of their pricings very carefully.
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Mike Dodd

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