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hi All,
I'm new to this area of expertise and wondered if there are any
opinions or "best practice" in relation to laying skirting board in a new
house. The base material is concrete bricks which have been wet wall
pastered (liberal covering) and there are no "timber plugs" in the walls
either for this purpose. I should also point out that the walls are fully
finished with plasterwork and that timber flooring has already been laid
(with the relevant gap to the plaster). If the skirting was added using
nails, then "Brads" simply wouldn't do as steel nails would be a minimum
needed to penetrate the plaster. Perhaps another option would be someting
like "liquid nails", but is this a good idea especially if there might be
the requirement in the future to temporarily remove them for installation of
say speaker cables.
What are my options?.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated & thankx in advance
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Seamus Mc Loughlin
I am fixing a lot of skirting and I am screwing it to the wall.
If you are using timber skirting the interal corners should be scribed. If MDF then corners can be mitred.
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A friend of mine varnished rather than painted his skirting boards and screwed them to the wall using brass screws and cup-washers (making a decorative feature of them, while making it very easy to remove for phone wiring, etc.)
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Steve Walker

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