Clear Plastic - surface scratches

Does anyone out there have the solution to removing surface scratches on
4mm clear plastic?. I have tried using plastic, glass and even metal
cleaner, without success
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Try using a fine grinding paste "toothepaste perhaps?" and then Brasso in a circular motion.
It does work but you have to keep at it. :-(
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It depends a lot on the plastic. Acrylic (Perspex, Lucite) is easy. Polycarbonate or ABS aren't too bad either. Some of the others are much more awkward.
I'd recommend "Micromesh" abrasives, but they're not cheap. You can often buy small mixed-grit kits, just for removing scratches from expensive clear plastic canopies. CSM abrasives are my favoured supplier for all such things, but even pilot shops like Transair have these kits.
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Andy Dingley
Pilot shops, like Transair at Shoreham Airport, usually sell kits for getting scratches out of aircraft canopies.
Colin Bignell
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I have used cerium oxide (a very fine powder) for polishing scratches out of windscreens and windows. It takes hours but does work. I imagine it might polish plastic OK. Don't breathe in the powder.
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Matty F
Hi Matty
On Wed, 17 Oct 2007 03:55:39 -0700, Matty F wrote:
How did you do this ? I ask because I have a supply of cerium oxide - and a couple of fairly noticeable scratches on the inside of the windscreen on my '64 Moggie Traveller (apparently caused by a diamond engagement ring, as the wearer 'demisted' the windscreen !)
Can't decide whether to keep the scratches as a 'feature' - or try taking them out by polishing.....
...did you use any mechanical assistance - or just elbow grease ?
Thanks Adrian
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Novus is pretty good, popular for cleaning pinball playfields, Paddy Hopkirk used to import it for cleaning cabrio hoods.
formatting link
price appears to be Ebay at moment.
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Adam Aglionby

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