Bosch bio-degradable chain saw oil.

just bought a Bosch AKE40-18S electric chain saw.
All looks fine (subject to testing) except that the instructions say that
you MUST use Bosch biodegradable chain saw oil or your warranty is void.
Typically, the sheds which sell Bosch chainsaws (Homebase, Argos, B&Q) don't
stock the oil. Is it just me, or do people think that stores which sell
products which require extras to stay in warranty should stock those extras?
I can find it online from £10 to £16 for 5 litres - again strangely when
you add on the shipping costs all the prices are much the same at about£18
to £20.
So does anyone know a nationwide store chain which stocks this oil?
I have one reservoir full - you get a sachet with the saw - but after that I
have to buy some Bosch oil or void the warranty.
Dave R
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David W.E. Roberts
That's the sachet you keep to run through the tank when submitting it for a warranty claim! After washing out the tesco's OSR.
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andrew heggie

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