British Gas trying it on?

Just got a phone call from British Gas saying that the engineer who recently
serviced my Glow worm Micron 50FF boiler had noted that some parts were no
longer available and they could offer a discount on a new boiler.
I think this is a con.
The boiler is only four years old and I can find no mention online of any
parts being in short supply.
Any comments?
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In message , Sla#s wrote
The salesman has got to make another 1k commission to pay for his kid's Christmas presents. You need to be charitable during this time of year and order a new boiler from BG.
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In message , Sla#s writes
Well there's a surprise ...
You could always ask them which parts
and then accuse them of being lying bastards
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If I were being very charitable I'd have to say it was a con. I'm fairly sure that all the spares will be available for at least 10 years more if not 20. It might be that something like the outer casing is no longer avilable but that won't need tobe replaced in the life of the boiler.
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Ed Sirett
Exactly. Ask for part numbers - they must know them. Then Google for them & tell them they are lying bastards who prey on the vunerable.
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The Medway Handyman
It's really another facet of ex-state-owned-industry syndrome.
People are still stupid enough to believe that it's all safe and honest because it's the "gas board".
Ex state-owned industry abuses its former position of exclusivity. However, like all the others, it doesn't have a customer service ethic because it never did. In reality, it is living from high margins because it can get away with it as a result of having sufficient suckers for customers. It will decline over time and eventually die - asking itself what did it do wrong.
If you take incompetent management in a public sector and put it in the private sector, it doesn't suddenly become competent. It survives because there is enough money coming in the door. For the moment.
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Andy Hall
On Sat, 24 Nov 2007 23:37:55 UTC, Dave N wrote:
Well, I had exactly the same thing by letter about 3-4 years ago. Patently false, and it definitely came from BG - they even stressed it when I rang them about something else.
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Bob Eager
If it was somebody saying that they were from British Gas, then it either was, or was from a telemarketer acting on their behalf.
It would be a bit implausible for there to a a BG Business Development Charity, wouldn't it?
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Andy Hall
Without reading your post, my first instinct is "YES"
Having read your post, they're taking the piss. I hope you got the name of the "engineer" who rang - i'd be reporting the cnut to Trading Standards, Corgi, and BG senior management !
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Colin Wilson
On Sat, 24 Nov 2007 23:16:44 +0000 Andy Hall wrote :
But not just state-owned. There are large numbers of firms which prey on the gullible. If you want a quality kitchen it's obvious that you should go to Moben - and if the price makes your eyes water, well German quality doesn't come cheap .
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Tony Bryer
Well yes, and then there's the grand-daddy of them all - the National Lottery - taxation for the gullible.
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Andy Hall
On Sun, 25 Nov 2007 00:15:59 +0000, Andy Hall wrote:
Yes he is and just whilst I remember, whilst his fish restaurants in Bergen might be the bees knees, I'd venture to suggest his Motorway cafe on the M6 is the pits. JMHO.
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Derek Geldard

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