Marley quickfix 2000 garage door cone replacement

Hi all,
I'm looking for advice on how to remove and replace the cones (and
attached cables) on a Marley quickfix garage door.
The spring is not under tension, or indeed currently even attached.
I cannot see how to remove the old cones, can anyone advise please?
I am comfortable with replacing and re tensioning the spring, a
dangerous task but one that I have successfully undertaken before
(complete with safety gloves and eye wear) I just cannot see for the
life of me how the bloomin cones can be removed! The "rod" passes
through a bracket on each and there are no circlips etc. holding it in
place, however with the brackets in place the rod is too long to slide
one way or the other and the cones are very solidly in place.
Help save what little hair I've got and give me a clue!!!
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I did a Henderson door last week if it is the same, then they have split pins hammered through the cone/spring shaft - new pins came with the new cones/wires repair pack (which was a rather expensive £20 I thought). Alan.
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Hi, did you manage to change the cones and cables ? I'm looking at doing the same thing to a 'Marley Quickfix 2000' and i can't see a way to remove the cones either !!
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Hi, did you find how to change the cones of the 'Marley quickfit 2000'? I too realised it looked impossible to slide the bar out far enough to make room.
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Hi Timfy, did you manage to find out how to change the spools on your Marley quickfit 2000? I am in that position now having bought the kit. I effected a repair some 18 years ago by cutting the cables off the spools and rethreading with some Bowden cable and making up my own crimps 'in-situ at that time. It worked, but figured to do the decent thing this time and now realise why I chose that route then! Any advice, please! Many thanks.
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Mike Bell

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