Bad rechargeable batteries?

I use Lidl's Tronic "intelligent" battery charger,
which stops charging when the battery is full.
According to this, a surprising number
of my rechargeable batteries are reported to be faulty,
as shown by a continual red flashing.
I wonder if there really is anything wrong with them,
or is it a quirk of the charger?
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Timothy Murphy
You bought it from Lidl. Is there any need to research further?
If they were smart at marketing, one would find the chargers next to big boxes of new rechargeable batteries; like they probably have the frozen chips next to the frozen fish.
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Andy Hall
The charger is excellent, but I found that two of the D size batteries that I bought at the same time were faulty in the way you describe. Take em back. I got mine changed. The other umpteen were fine - AA, C and PP3.
Peter Scott
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Peter Scott
That is more or less my experience. I have around 100 rechargeable batteries, and around 6 appear to be faulty according to this criteria. They include 2 of Lidl's own batteries.
I shall try charging them with another charger, and see if they function normally.
I do think a charger that turns off when a battery is charged (as shown by the fact that the batter is cold when removed) must be a good thing. Apart from saving energy, I imagine it is not good for a battery to have a trickle charge going through it for a long period of time?
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Timothy Murphy
No I think that's true. Nicads whisker up but I think NiMHs are supposed not to do that. Sometimes shorting out a cell for a moment with a thick wire will recover its capacity. Watch out for sparks! The best chargers discharge cells first, then recharge rapidly, sampling every once in a while and switching off when the voltage reaches its correct level.
Peter Scott
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Peter Scott
I have a couple of batteries which were rejected like yours by a small 'intelligent' charger but a different charger charged them OK. Just a quirk of the way the charger uses to detect bad batteries I guess.
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I bought a Maha CF401 charger a few months ago and found that when I first charged four batches of four NiMH AA & AAAs that three of the batches had one or two batteries that appeared to be suspect due to the inordinate time they took to charge. All, except one (which I thought was probably faulty) eventually charged until full charge was indicated and have since recharged in a similar timescale as the others. They all now appear to need recharging noticeably less frequently. I now have some Sanyo Eneloop batteries which on low drain items seem to go on for ever.
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There is a reason for this problem. When the battery is very flat (Discharged),the charger cannot test it properly so reports it as faulty. If possible, get a small charge into it with another charger, or leave it in the Tronic Charger for a while, remove it and replace
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Peter Vilder
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