Sink faucet runs slowly (how to fix?)

I put in a brand new Bridgewater faucet in my kitchen sink. Two knobs, a
regular nozzle (center, between the two knobs) and sprayer, off to the
The regular nozzle not have an aerator.
When I first got it in, the sprayer worked nicely, but the regular nozzle
(wrong word?) didn't flow. I found that after I turned the flexible sprayer
on and off a bunch of times by squeezing the dispenser, that the regular
nozzle started to flow. A little bit. Very little.
The regular nozzle puts out 3 quarts a minute (I timed it). Not enough to
make an aerator bubble.
The sprayer hose puts out 8 quarts a minute.
Any ideas why the regular nozzle would be running so slowly? And how to
improve the water flow?
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Stormin Mormon
I pulled the center of the faucet apart. Screw the cap off the base of the spout. There was a diverter there.
Use 10 MM allen key to remove diverter gadget (unthread it, and then turn the water on, gadget comes floating out).
There was a sheet in with the faucet. And in verry tiny type face, was a 800 number to call. I did. The guy suggested I tap the cartridge on something, in case it had some dust or specks of something.
I did. Problem solved. Very nice!
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Stormin Mormon
"Stormin Mormon"
It's a "spout' and not a "nozzle". My first guess is that the little screen (called an aerator) at the end of the spout is plugged up. Unscrew it and see if the water flows. Clean the screen and you'll be OK.
If it's not the aerator, then there's some obstruction in the spout, or else the diverter is messed up. I'm not acquainted with your brand, so you might need to read the directions to see how the spout comes off.
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Mike Grooms

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