Kitchen Sink Moen Faucet Weak Flow/Pressure

Kitchen Sink Moen Faucet Weak Flow/Pressure:
OK....... Here We Goooooooooo.
I have a new Moen Kitchen Sink Faucet, Caldwell m/n CA87060SRS. It is a two valve (one Hot and
one Cold faucet), high arc spout with spray attachment. The flow/pressure from the faucet is what I
consider to be paltry at best (See below).
My water supply is a well that is "Ever Flowing" (Approximatly 40+ GPM overflows on the ground 24
hours a day, 365 daya a year. Hence I could care less what Big Brother's regulations are I am not
worried one bit about wasting/conserving water.
I have currently removed, what I figured was the flow restrictor from the faucet aeroator (a small round
red mesh object), and the flow imporved considerably. Unfortunatly it is still what I I consider to to be
This is a new faucet on a new sink with new shut off valves under the sink. I would love to just
remove it and install our previous Peerless faucet but it's a bit shabby looking from years of use and
my wife would certaintly balk at the idea.
The shut-off valves under the sink are new and are the standard chrome 3/8" tubing type fed by 3/4"
CPVC house piping and connected to the faucet with 3/8" flexible poly tubing. All components are
new with the exception of the house piping. The flow/pressure from each poly tubing (Hot and Cold).
when disconnected from the faucets is satisfactory. I did not measure it.
Water well pump pressure is set at 60 PSI.
Current Approximate Flow Rates at the Kitchen Faucet are;
Cold Only: 1 1/2 GPM Hot Only: 1 1/2 GPM Cold & Hot : 2 1/2 GPM Well Overflow: 40+ GPM
With the spout removed and looking down into the throat I can see a plactic/nylon piece aproximatly 1
inch below the top surface. It has a a hexagon depression with a hole in the center through which the
water can pass/flow. Is this another insidious form of flow restrictor or is it perhaps required as part
of the diverter for the sprayer or perhaps required as a hot/cold mixer aide ? The hex is some non-
standard size, so I have been unable to remove it at this point as a test (if it can even be removed
through the top of the faucet). When looking at the Moen parts sheet it could possibly be what they
have labeled as the diverter but it's hard to tell.
Is it possible that Moen is using some sort of flow restriction in the Hot and Cold valve cartridges ? I
have not removed either of them for inspection up to this point.
Both lines and the faucet have been flushed/cleaned after the installation.
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On Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 12:44:07 PM UTC-4, dryflycaster wrote:

I think you've done all you can do with the faucet. I'd suspect what's left is just that the whole thing is not designed to support a flow higher than 1.5 and there may be multiple issues with restrictions that you can't fix. I just measured my Glacier Bay and it's putting out 1.25 GPM. That's fine for most uses, but if you're trying to fill a can to water flowers with or a large pot, it takes longer than I'd like too.
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