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- Nehmo - In plumbing jargon, a "street ell" ("ell" is short for elbow or "L" shaped, that is, a bend), or more generally, a street fitting, has a male end and a female end (in some cases the female end is called a "hub"); thus, by adding a street fitting to the end of a pipe you have in effect *extended* that pipe. The new end of the pipe with fitting has the same type of end the previous pipe without fitting had.
Pic of a 45-degree street elbow, 1" galvanized [Middle English strete, from Old English str t, str t, from Late Latin str ta, paved road, from Latin, feminine past participle of sternere, to stretch, extend, pave. See ster-2 in Indo-European Roots.]
[Somebody please post a more thorough etymology.]
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