what's a good/safe pressure to wash a concrete patio with a pressure washer?

I want to get the moss and soot out of all the nooks and crannies but don't want to chip it. Is this more a function of the pressure, the type of the head or some clever wand-moving technique?
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Yes. In fact, it may come down to how good and proper of a concrete job you have. If the cream of the concrete wasn't thick enough, it may spall right off. But, for most situations 3000-psi is the absolute most and I've had no problem with down to 1250-psi. A garden hose is fine if you apply wash or bleach first. - There's no reason to crank the pressure all of the way up and in your quite soggy environment I'd have to suggest you actually wash it and just apply a cheap bleach-based house or concrete cleaner or just household bleach for a few minutes. Then, you can determine the lowest but still most effective pressure and largest tip to get it done more quickly, safely and completely.
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