What are the Grommet holes for in canvas awning?

My friend has grommet holes in his gazebo on his back deck and we want to know what the holes are for. Is it for wind to pass though so it will not take off in high winds or is it so water doesn't pool?
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Thomas Bobnick
Holes for wind pressure relief are normally made large - 4" or more - to make any difference. Because they are large, they are normally made to look like a flap - when there isn't wind, they just hang flat with the material and don't spoil the view. So, if the grommets look like copper or stainless steel, they may be for draining pooling water, especially if they are in spots where the fabric may sag. But as far as wind pressure - they just won' t make much of a difference. I would  think they are actually for proper dressing and tying down of the fabric over the gazebo structure but it's hard to tell without seeing it. Are you sure you're not supposed to pass a rope through them for additional tie-down? 
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 No rope goes though them and they are towards the end of the over hang or each side of the gazebo- three one each side and between the inside frame of the ceiling part- so It probably is for the water -
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