how do I remove the pole from the 11ft costco umbrella

my 11ft umbrella from costco #925283 is stuck in the umbrella base because the wood has swollen and I want to know if the pole can be taken off so I can replace it - I can't move it from the table it is in.
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If your umbrella stand is also Costco, its pole holder should screw onto the base. I would be tempted to remove the holding screws, then unscrew the metal pole holder from the base, lay the umbrella on a sturdy desk and then tap the holder off the wooden pole with a hammer. Tap is of course a relative term. Sometimes "whack" is more appropriate for the situation but the idea is to use as little force as possible to remove the holder without damaging its walls by applying hammer to the top of the pipe. Perhaps with the help of a large flat head screwdriver or a similar implement.
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 I don't think pole will come out, I have unscrewed pipe from granite base, laid umbrella on side & beat the crap outta a large pair of channel locks that would circle the wood pole . It moved about 1/2"
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