If I use an epoxy or deck paint over chattachoochee will it still drain

the rock are lose all around the pool and the deck has a drain system. I would like to thincoat the deck with cement but it seems to me that this would not allow for drainage, yes or no ? If no would painting be a alternative? thank you for any help you can offer.
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Chattachoochee (small colored river pebbles mixed with epoxy and troweled onto a surface) is a permeable surface because of the spaces between the pebbles. If you are planning on adding an epoxy layer without adding more pebbles, the top layer will no longer be porous and won't drain - the epoxy will fill in all the spaces.
The alternative to thincoating is actually repairing the chattachoochee surface by adding, well, more chattachoochee :) You will need to carefully pressure-wash the surface and remove all loose stones, then it can be applied in the same way it was originally, except these days you're going to get a better holding and less noxious epoxies.
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