No mask consequences

I am very proud of Delta.
Delta flight returns to gate after travelers refuse to wear masks
From CNN's Jennifer Selva
A Delta flight was forced to return to the gate when two of their customers
wouldn?t wear masks, according to Delta Air Lines spokesperson Emm
a Protis.
Protis told CNN in an email that Flight 1227 on July 23 was on its way from
Detroit to Atlanta when they were forced to turn around.
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Sucks for the other passengers who have to suffer because the airlines chooses to turn around instead of stipulating on the ticket if they don't wear the mask, they will be subject to a fine of some high monetary value.
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I personally think masks are stupid, but I still ask the proprietor if he wants me in a mask or not. I do not want him persecuted by the state. And it is common curiosity
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With the plethora of state and county laws, ordinances or executive orders it is sometimes hard to figure out if this is enforceable law or just a suggestion. I think some if not most of these mask cases are going to be quietly thrown out because the "mandate" is so ambiguous that it does not rise to the level of law. They don't even say what constitutes a "mask" in most cases. I make the store owner happy because I support his right to serve anyone he wants and not to serve anyone he doesn't. Outside, fuck you.
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This state structured it so nobody gets arrested and a business might get a $100 fine at the most. The city cops declared the day after the shutdown enforcing it wasn't their job. A real arrest would mean examining the legal basis. It's easier to cow the sheep, to mix a metaphor or something.
Like you, I support the store owner's right to refuse service to anyone, including people looking for a wedding cake with two grooms on it.
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Reminds me that a former neighbor's wife had one of these dogs. They moved into a condo that does not allow dogs pissing off all the residents there because she was allowed to have it.
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Funny how flexible people are about that concept. It only seems to be true for most if they agree with the minority opinion.
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Providing she picked up after him, that would have not bother me. Those animals are really sweet loving spirits.
On the other hand ...
40 years or so ago, I lived in an apartment complex with a no pets rule, which meant folks smuggled in cats.
The upstairs neighbor (two young girls) cat had flees and they got into our apartment. It was rally annoying. Not to mention the constant stench.
One night, the girls locked themselves out. The manager, who was a real ass hole (no nicer way to put it), for some unknown reason, decided to climb a ladder up to an open upstairs windows. He was half in and half out of the window when he stepped on the cat. No fooling. Made Funny Noise! The guy almost soiled himself. The girls were asked to leave. The flees clear up in a couple of weeks. You can't make this stuff up.
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It's not 1955 any more and McCarthy is dead and gone. Not everyone with whom you disagree is a Communist.
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Jim Joyce
That is probably what it was. They were happy when I got about 200 pounds in the passenger seat. It also moved more tongue load to the truck since the stuff came out of the back of the trailer. The max trailer weight was painted right on the trailer. That may have been the deal too. I had been driving 12 hours by then and I wasn't fresh when I started. I really just wanted to get going and I might have thrown something in the trash to get out of there. Funny thing. A cup of truck stop coffee and 20mg of Biphetamine "and my eyes were open wide" for that last 200 miles.
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