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Can't you just use a hammer. Break off as much as you need so that's it's in side and rear pieces and the rest might just pull out of the slot. if it doesn't pull out, use the hammer some more.
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Do you have anything to use for a pry bar? Throw a 2x4 or whatever under it for leverage. Maybe get as close to the edges as possible to help loosen the nails or screws holding it down.
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Dean Hoffman
Use a jigsaw (or circular saw) to saw thru it going to the corners . Should be easy to pry out once it's cut . To replace the cabinet floor , screw a couple of strips of wood to the sides flush with the bottom of the dado . Cut your piece 3/8" wider than the inside dimension , slide the new floor into the dado on one side as you drop it in place then when it's in place slide it over so you have both sides captured in the dado . Couple of finish nails to keep it in place and caulk with a good quality siliconized latex caulk to keep moisture from penetrating the edges . Next time buy better quality cabinets , particle board sucks .
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Cheap and worth having:
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Little saw attachment would do the job.
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I'd try a pry bar under one edge and work back. Once you get it started with leverage you may be able to lift and pull the nail with it.
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Ed Pawlowski
There is no exposed edge and it is not nailed down. It is slif into a slot on each side like a drawer Likely a couple staples holding it from sliding out - possibly a spot or 2 of glue, but more likely just stuck due to expansion from getting wet. either cut to the corners or bash out a "ditch" to the corners with a hammer, then get a 3/8 or 1/2 inch slot screwdriver behind the platform in the slopt oneach side and force the side pieces loose. When the 2 sides are out pull the back section out. About 10 minutes work with the handy Estwing ripping hammer or 15 with saber saw or recip/multitask (and that's taping your time - I'd likely have it out in less than 5)
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Clare Snyder
On Sat, 1 Aug 2020 21:01:07 -0700 (PDT), AK wrote:
Lay a wet towel in the middle a few inched from the edge and in a few days you can pull it out with your hands. Cut some 1x lumber for a ledge, sitting on the floor and replace it with plywood.
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I used a crow bar to get the particle board out.
Replaced it with some plywood so if it gets wet it won't sag.
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On Sat, 1 Aug 2020 22:21:37 -0700 (PDT), AK posted for all of us to digest...

AS they said in fire school: It depends on where you steal it from...
More when I read all the posts...
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