Gas Mask up against THC

I have this gas mask that I bought from Home Depot a about 3 years ago. It's a nice mask. It's nothing like the kind I had in the Army that covered the eyes and the whole face.
This mask covers the mouth. Its the kinds someone would wear while working on a house or painting a car. In order not to breath in the air pollution.
It's got two cylinder type filters on it. One on each side. In the middle it has the opening for breath exhale. It's got two straps, one goes over the head and other goes behind the neck.
With this type of gas mask can I hang out at my friends house and be in the same room with the group and not have to worry about getting any THC in my system?
My job has randomized drug testing so I need to be careful. I do like these particular friends, and I don't think I want to split from them just because they are a bunch of pot/chronic heads. Most some of them do have productive life's. 2 of 5 don't. But I do enjoy their company so yesterday I spent time with them in the apartment and wore the mask. I didn't smell 95% of it. 5% of the time I would smell it very mild. And that only happened when it was really thick. I know that I had the mask on right because I've been in the army be for so I safety checked it to make sure the seal was good around my nose and mouth. Everyone was passing the big bong around in a circle, except for me of course.
I do have other friends I spend time with. I just don't see in discriminating against my other friends just because they choose to destroy their bodies with the illicit drug: high potency chronic.
I can look past their drug habit. They are still my friends and they are still fun to spend time with.
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This isn't totally on topic, but it's too valuable to send my thoughts only to one news group. ======================== I'm sure you'll hear this a few times. But, smoking MJ goes along with a whole list of behaviours. It's a package deal. People who smoke MJ also do a bunch of other things.
I've long since decided that this isn't the kind of people I want to associate.
I give you an example. One fellow I used to be friends with, about 15 years ago. Jerry was out of work. I took him under my wing, and was showing him a trade. Well, there was a seminar in Canada at one point. So, I figured he's more or less on the way from where I lived, to the seminar. I offered to pick him up.
Well, he didn't answer the door. I banged awhile, and then called on the cell phone. Back in the days when cell phones were bolted to the vehicle.
He came down after awhile, and said he over slept. He had to go to the hospital (on the far side of the city) to get some Rx medication that he had run out. I was still willing to work with him, and so we went off to the hospital. Waited otuside while he went in and got his Rx filled.
We got off to the seminar. But, a bit late. No problem. We boomed and zoomed down the road, and were going to get at least to one or two of the classes.
We were about half way across the bridge (with the customs in sight) and he turned to me, and in a conversational voice said "I hope you don't mind, I brought a joint to smoke after lunch". Well, as you can guess, I nearly frieked out. Jerry reassures me that minor ammounts of MJ had been decriminalized. I reminded him that's only wtihin NYS, and that we are talking international borders, here. I was able to regain my composure by the time we got to Customs. And, wonders, we got through without being searched.
We got to the seminar about 4:55, and the seminar ended at 6 PM. Not a problem. I figured we could catch a motel room, and there were some classes the next day. Not acceptable to Jerry, he had to be back to the city the next morning. We did find some dinner (and Jerry got to smoke his joint).
We turned around, and drove the three hours (and the border crossing) home. We got back to the city about 9 PM or whatever. Nice and late. On the way back, Jerry told me what was with the Rx at the hospital. He'd grown up in NYC and was a heroin addict. He was going for his daily dose of methadone.
Anyhow, you hang out with your drug users if you wish. I certainly would not.

Christopher A. Young
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