Kenmore Refrigerator Thermostat Adjustment

I'd like to set the thermostat on my 18 cubic ft refrigerator
so that it runs the food compartment at about 66F so that I
can use it to ferment Mead and Beer.
I have a Ronco controller on my chest freezer so that it stays
at 52F for my beer kegs. I'd rather not use an external
controller on the refrigerator because it would make the freezer
compartment useless.
Any ideas or place to look for modifying the thermostat?
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Dick Adams
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If you want to rip the thermostat apart, you can generally adjust it. Not sure the adjustement will go that hi.
Other option is to look for general purpose thermostat, which would go that high and attach it somewhere inside the box. Connection is obvious.
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We might also put a 100 W bulb in the fridge to warm it when the fridge is less than 66 F and the freezer is warmer than 10 F. Otherwise, the freezer may not stay frozen.
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