Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator Freezing

I have a Kenmore Coldspot side-by-side refrigerator, model 106.5227. The
refrigerator section is frozen, even with the temp control set all the way (or
anywhere I set it). This model has a mechanical control for the small door
between the freezer and refrigerator sections. I ordered a new thermostat. When
I took the old one out, I did a simple test - stuck it in freezer and connected
an ohmmeter. It did click open after a minute or two, so I assumed it was
working. I installed the new one and cleaned out dust etc from the coils while I
had the unit pulled out from the wall. The problem remains. After stabilizing
overnight, temperatures are: freezer -20F, refrigerator 22F.
The mechanical linkage between the left knob and the small door between the
freezer and refrigerator is working. When I turn the temp control (right knob)
fully counterclockwise I think I hear the relay click.
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The problem is both sections are too cold. The freezer should typically be around 0F. I'd trace the circuit schematic to find out how the thermostat works the compressor, ie is there a relay that's stuck? Short?
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