Help with Kenmore refrigerator

The water dispenser stopped working the other day. Not sure if ice
cubes also stopped being produced.
Then magically started working again. This happened about 4 or 5
years ago. Recall it being expensive to repair($400.00).
The refrigerator is about 10 years old.
I seem to recall something about an evaporated heater, but not sure.
It really is not wise to have another service call on it, as it's not
worth it.
Does anybody have any ideas about diagnosing the issue? Started
working again, but have the feeling it will come back.
Kenmore side by side -
M/N 596.50392001
Manufacture P50392000W0
I think the unit is actually made by Maytag.
Your input would be appreciated.
Thanks. btb
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Brent Bolin
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Follow the water. The water line comes in and goes to a solenoid valve that is wired to a switch in the door that opens it. There may also be an inline filter. The solenoid valve is likely visible from the back with a panel removed. If you go to any of the online appliance parts stores and put in your make/model, they usually have good blow out drawings that show how it's put together, where parts are located, etc
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Thanks for your quick reply. I don't recall anything related to solenoid when the repair was done. That's something I would have remembered. True It might be unrelated.
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Brent Bolin
Blows my mind that things manufactured in the 60 and 70's would last for ever. Solid state moving parts etc... Service calls on things like this make fixable prohibitive.
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Brent Bolin
It's funny or not so funny the way you look at it. Within the last two years had to unload two Saturns(New wife). Actually had to pay somebody to toe them away. Mine smoked and went through 3-4 quarts a week. Hers leaked like a sive on the driveway. I swore to myself I would Never by american again.
Come on we have had 150 years to make an engine. Honda, it was and never looked back. Spoke with my mother the other day. Father spent 15K to get the Northstare engine replace.
My mother said she would barrie the old man with his Cadilac and a bottle of Scotch Wiskey when done. :)
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Brent Bolin
in news:
Here's the diagram/parts from Sears.
formatting link
At least you can get the OEM part numbers if you need them. If you order parts online though go elsewhere then Sears like Should get a better deal.
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