External thermometer?

My air conditioner has what I have always supposed to be an outdoor temperature sensor, a spindle-shaped metallic object about 3 inches long, attached by a single wire, through the east wall of the house with the coolant cables.
The house has an all-electric furnace, central on the north side, where there is another similar sensor, fastened to the siding, its wire leading into the house. I now have to replace rotted siding at that point -- so need to know if I can rip out and discard this sensor. Because of the location of the furnace, I cannot see whether it is connected to anything inside.
Furnace is a model GSE 20 by Aitons' Eqpt. Ltd. if that helps. Its labels include check lists for both air conditioner and furnace. Neither mentions any outdoor temperature sensor. The only thing on the label I do not understand is: "External static pressure 0.20" WC"
Advice would be welcome. If this particular sensor had any function, it might be impossible to replace it after ripping it out: but I doubt it could survive necessary replacement of siding where it is fixed. -- Don Phillipson Carlsbad Springs (Ottawa, Canada) dphillipson[at]trytel.com
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