Dangerous PROMAC air conditioner

***** I M P O R T A N T ******
Remember this air-conditioner brand: PROMAC (made in Taiwan).
This is the name use by a Taiwan air-conditioner company witch 11 000 BTU
mobile model is very DANGEROUS. More precisely, model 51CPM29CM DUET overheats dangerously, can suddenly burn and cause an important fire in your house. This type of "portable" air-conditioner, manufactured in TAIWAN, should not be sell anymore but are still imported in Canada and in the world.
Moreover, portable or mobile air-conditioner, no matter the brand, are definitely less effective than the well-known "window" model . For example, a 11 000 BTU portable air-conditioner is less effective than a traditional 7500 BTU model. And those mobile devices are definitely more expensive. Do not buy mobile air-conditioners witch can catch on fire at any moment, which is very expensive and absolutely not effective. You have to be very careful with those gadgets. If you already have that kind of air-conditioner, be very prudent. Do not use it when your not at home and be shure to have a smoke detector near the device. In fact, if you wish to buy an air-conditioner, choose an ordinary appliance and AVOID PORTABLE or MOBILE air-conditioners, particularly if its a PROMAC, manufactured in TAIWAN.
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