Checking Air Conditioner in Cold Weather

I live in Cincinnati, and although the weather has gotten up to 60
degrees recently, it had not reached 65 degrees, which I understand is the
minimum temperature to check an air conditioner. I am buying a house to rehab
it (factoring in the possibility that the air conditioner might not work), and
I am wondering if there is anyway to find out whether the air conditioner works
if the temperature is under 65 degrees, or whether I simply have to wait until
the temperature gets high enough. Because this is a foreclosed house, I cannot
locate the former owner and ask her how it functioned. Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks,
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You run the risk of damage if its below 'approx.' 60 f . The manufacturers literature even says dont use below 60 f. HOWEVER, if its exactly 60 f. outside , and youve first heated up the house to about 75 f inside (so theres an adequate load on the cooling system)....then you can run the a/c system for a very short amount of time (minutes) while feeling for cold air coming out of the registers. Then immediatly shut the system down.
If you cannot test the a/c system, it is a common practice to have 'x' amount of dollars held in the sellers escrow until it can be started up and checked out (preferrably by a contractor who can tell you exactly how its working).
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JustCallMe Norman
On Tue, 4 Jan 2005 17:17:33 -0600, (JustCallMe
Or you could just call an air conditioning tech out and use the money that you saved by buying a foreclosed home. Nahhh, that would make too much sense. Bubba
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