60 Hz buzzing noise comin

JR> create this type of buzzing sound). I have also tried removing the JR> fuses one at a time (that is, removing one, listening for the noise, JR> then putting the fuse back in and removing the next fuse), and oddly JR> enough I have noticed that removing a particular fuse reduces the JR> sound by about 75% but doesn't get rid of it completely. Only JR> shutting down the whole power eliminates the buzzing 100%.
I'd also vote for a transformer (doorbell, furnace/air conditioning, telephone [the old grey block ones for the Princess telephones], etc.) but of course the puzzler is why doesn't the sound completely die when the fuse is removed? My guess is a wire powered by another circuit is running right next to the transformer and possibly interacting (magnetic lines of flux) so when the power to the transformer's primary is cut you get the 75% reduction. Or maybe there are _two_ transformers causing the problem, on two different circuits. Or maybe the transformer and a clock.
I don't think the problem is one other than an acoustic nuisance. (OTOH if there is a problem I disclaim responsibility as I dont' have sufficient information.) The problem is probably being caused by a slight vibration of the plates making up the transformer's core. Can sometimes be tightened with the assembly bolts or squeezing with a cable tie. Physically isolating may reduce ==> if the transformer is mounted to a rafter this may act as a sound board. Try suspending the transformer (and not by the primary and secondary wires! <g>).
Another possibility is the power transformer in electronic equipment such as a TV -- vibrates trough the floor but seems like you'd hear it in the room.
JR> Is it possible for old electrical wires to make this buzzing sound? JR> Or would it come from something else (ex: a light fixture that has a
Fluorescent maybe; I think incandescents would whine (vaguely recall one 'singing').
JR> bad ground). I'm not sure how to go about fixing this problem. But JR> like I said I can isolate it to something within the kitchen floor (or JR> within the basement ceiling) itself.
Ah! Kitchen floor! The (mechanical) clock in the stove? Try unplugging (be especially careful if electric -- probably safer to pull the fuses). Unplug refrigerator, microwave. Unplug anything that's "instant on" ==> remote control devices are partially on all the time to see if you're pressing the power button on the remote.
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