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N > What is the proper way to clean the Gutters on the 2nd floor roof. I have N > borrowed a 30 ft ladder which can reach the 20ft height of the gutter. N > N > Any experiences on climbing the 2nd floor roof and then cleaning the gutter N > sitting on the roof.
Do _not_ do on a windy day, or even a slightly breezy day.
Make sure someone else is on the ground as a safety. Either to replace the ladder that fell down or get something you forgot to bring with you. Hopefully not to call an ambulance.
If the roof is slippery or steep do not attempt. It's cheaper to hire someone than to have an accident.
As for the things that go on the gutters to attempt to keep them clean, I'm not so sure any really work. We have had two different types here -- possibly variation on a theme as both models had perforations. Both allowed through a lot of junk -- enough to clog the gutter in the middle and/or near the downspout. The original part of the house has a steep roof (I'd say close to 40°) and the addition is much shallower (15°?). Both got clogged -- we removed the gutter guard figuring it's not keeping out the debris (it's definately organic) and cleaning will be a lot easier with out the things covering the gutter.
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