Ceiling fan with 4 small light ceramic sockets. How do I loosen sockets?

My HW store only sells 60W "day light" CFL bulbs in the candle size. With four bulbs, it is way too bright. I'd like to replace the small size ceramic sockets with standard size sockets.
Also, the price of standard CFL bulbs is cheaper and there is more selection.
I have a spare fan that I took down some time ago. I am trying to figure out a relatively quick way to do this on the spare fan. I have 7 ceiling fans.
Each socket is rated at 75W and 125V, so there shouldn't be a problem replacing them with a standard size ceramic socket. I know how to shut the power off and rewire. So, no issues there.
When I try to loosen the ceramic socket with a wrench, it cracks. Is there a special tool or technique to loosen the socket.
There is a threaded tube coming out of the light fixture, and the ceramic socket has a metal base that screws over the tube. The hole connects to the ceramic socket on both sides. One side has a small metal hole.
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Hi there, I think that you should call an electrician to help you with your problem. They will be the one to fix it for you and also for your own safety.
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