mosfet dimmer control repair

Have several Lutron RadioRA2 dimmers that have been damaged by lightning and now are on at full brightness. The active control component is a FDPF2710T Mosfet not the expected Triac. I have changed the Mosfet but the surface mount components associated with the circuit are a bit hard to identify. I expect that the optocouplers are possibly involved but would be great if anyone has knolowdege about this dimmer and its components. Lutron is only willing to sell me replacements but with 25 of these damaged dimmers I am more willing to try and repair. Have the SMT repiar tooling but not the information to complete the repair. Any help would be appreciated.
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I can understand Lutron's reluctance to be helpful since there could be liability issues involved. Try looking up the patents that cover your devices. While many of them will be for mechanical features, some will include basic schematics that should be of some help in reverse engineering and repairing your fried dimmers.
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