EPA/CARB-mandated Blitz portable gasoline containers (additional gas can rant)

Q: If you know of a good source for the replacement CAP - please post!
These three videos covered most of my rants:
1. How to fix a Blitz gas can:
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Midwest Can Company gas can modification:
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How to fix the broken Blitz environ-flo cap (which always breaks at
the lower ring due to inferior design):
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Here are my observations about the Blitz enviro-flow spout gas cans:
a. You need three hands to pour 5 gallons into a vehicle
(one alone to keep pressing the button - and two other hands to hold the
heavy five-gallon can at chest height since the button hand can not
possibly hold the can).
b. Even then, it takes a dozen minutes to empty the entire five gallons
due to the extremely low gasoline flow volume so you're holding the five
gallons of gas for a long time with those same three hands and you can't
switch position because of the button press (see above).
c. After all that, you MUST tilt the can wholly upside down because of
the absolutely criminal design of the lowest spot NOT being where the
nozzle opening lies. What does the EPA think of the fact you almost
always must leave an ounce of gas in the can to vent to the atmosphere en
d. But wait. There's more. As your arms tire, you accidentally let up on
the button. Now you have to put the can down because you can't depress
the button while you're holding the heavy can at chest height (try it).
e. Of course, when you screw on the cap after refilling the gas can, your
soft palm is cut by the hard plastic "child proof" tab on the gas can and
the large flaps on the cap. The funny thing is that it takes so much
physical force to loosen the cap, that any "child" with that kind of
strength and hand size certainly already knows enough to defeat the
locking mechanism. Amazing waste of time that 'child proof' lock!
f. Once you do screw on the cap, after a few months, it will invariably
crack and then separate around the circular top. The design puts ALL the
stress at that point! Of course, it all being black, you don't notice it.
Until. Yep. Until you smell fumes and you see gasoline leaking all over
your vehicle. Still, you don't know which can it is so you have to look
closely at all of them - but there will always be one leaking due to the
absolutely horrific design of the gas cap upper ring.
g. The cans are unusable enough out of the box - but there's even more.
Most stores do NOT sell the plastic six-inch flexible spout with the gas
can (it's an option from the factory). So, at Lowe's for example, you
don't get the spout. Now it's impossible to pour into a vehicle at chest
height because, as you all know, a vehicle has a trap door at the
opening. Of course, the Blitz enviro-flow nozzle won't fit deeply enough
to activate that trap door - so you can't pour the gas in anyway.
The solution? I hope Blitz goes out of business (for good); but, until
then, they're all you can buy at Lowes - so your only solution is to find
a cap that is sturdy and that fits (from a lawn mower gasoline tank) and
then to drill a 1/2" hole for a tire-tube vent to fit. After that, you
buy six or seven feet of 1/2" clear thick-walled hose, and you siphon the
gas from the roof of the vehicle, into the gas tank.
It's the only way that works.
If you know of a good source for the replacement CAP - please post!
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You can't even replace what you bought with what you bought!
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Effective 01/01/2009, Blitz U.S.A. has discontinued the Self- Venting and Spill-Proof lines for sale in the U.S.
NOTICE: Effective 01/01/2012, Blitz U.S.A. has discontinued the entire Enviro-Flo line and has replaced it with the new Hand-E Flo spout system.
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On Tue, 13 Nov 2012 15:15:02 +0000, PeterD replied:
They have to warrant their caps for one year against leakage!
Complain here:
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the Blitz Customer Replacement Service hotline here: +1-877-922-5489
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Ann R.
Did they recall the existing ones?
I just wrote this to their feedback site with a recall header.
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advise you do the same.
My Blitz 5-gallon gasoline cans keep breaking at the cap. The black round ring at the top breaks but you can't see it because it's black on black! Must be recalled! Bad design. Extremely dangerous! I've had gasoline all over my trunk THREE TIMES (three different Blitz 5-gallon cans with the idiotic Enviro-flow gas spout. You WILL be sued for this idiotically designed spout. There WILL be deaths! I am making a copy of this post. A normal and reasonable consumer has NO WAY of knowing that these (must be recalled!) spouts are leaking until it is too late! Please advise as I have a dozen of these portable gasoline containers. If I'm ever hurt - it would be your fault because even though I know of the fault - it will STILL LEAK unbeknownst to me because you can not SEE the leak on an empty gasoline can. You can't see it on a filled gasoline can! It leaks in transit - at the worst possible moment. It's CRIMINAL that this spout is allowed to be left and you WILL CAUSE DEATH by inaction! Please advise.
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Danny D.
On Tue, 13 Nov 2012 15:06:39 +0000 (UTC), AZ wrote:
I never had the new cans because my old plastic cans are good. Maybe just stay away from the new stuff. It looks to me like they're dangerous. To hell with gov regs if they'll kill you. This might interest some.
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like the 5-gal NATO and the NATO spout. Could be a leaker when pouring, so it's a crap shoot. You can probably find a lot of sources for gas can "substitutes," A can of red spray paint takes care of color. Personally, I don't worry too much about can spouts, because I have a good set of funnels, some equipped with long flexible spouts. But you do get more fumes using a funnel. And no good for gassing a car/trunk without improvising something or having somebody hold the funnel.
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Vic Smith
So buy this one from Northern Tool:
No-Spill Gas Can (5 gallon capacity)
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the demo video at the above link - looks pretty impressive.
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Moe DeLoughan
Hmmmmmmmmm.... Thanks for the link. I do appreciate it.
Nearest store is a few states away (seems to be nothing west of the Rockies) but mail order (you would think) would work.
Price is horrendous. $30 for a single gas can? Even here in expensive California, it's in the low twenties.
Plus, it's "no-spill" which is the problem with the Blitz cans in that no- spill means it leaks all over the place!
Here's a video on the no spill spills:
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's a news reporter who asks her neighbor to pour a no spill. Notice it spills all over the lawnmower!
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my own (undocumented) experience, no spill means it spills all over the place. I spill gas more now than ever before. I'm forced to let it evaporate into the atmosphere. I have no other choice.
Sometimes progress confuses me.
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Danny D.
Moe DeLoughan wrote in news:k7u336$vgm$ snipped-for-privacy@speranza.aioe.org:
If that is a 5 gallon can, I'm a mouse ...
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I think they just gave the model a one-gallon can so she could deftly maneuver it to fill the glasses. But it's the design of the dispenser cap they're showing off, not the size of the container it is attached to.
I dunno. I thought I read here that the gov't no longer allows venting gas cans, but most of the cans on the Northern Tool site either have a separate vent, or the description mentions it as part of the dispenser cap.
Gas cans have gone up ridiculously in price, but so have other products molded from plastic. I can pay $21 for a sixteen-inch diameter plastic pot, or $35 for the same size in glazed pottery. Plastic storage bins I used to get for two bucks are now on sale for six.
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Moe DeLoughan
In article ,
That was an impressive set of cans! Did you notice there was a fuel container in the video too?
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Larry W
Does anyone out there work for the government?
Is there an email address or web page or phone number to complain about the God-awful spill-as-you-go gasoline cans?
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I think they are trying to raise enough money to clean up that Massachusettes sized field of plastic in the North Atlantic.....
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Bill Graham

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