What the importance of triangle rule of kitchen?

We Have large G shaped kitchen and I want to know what are the benefits of organizing the kitchen according to triangle rule.
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I am a Kitchen and Bath Designer and will tell you the work triangle is extremely important for the kitchen to function efficiently. The triangle is formed by using the 3 points most used during food preparation in the kitchen: the sink, refrigerator, and cooktop (not the oven, just the cooktop). So when you think about food prep, you usually pull things out of the refrigerator, go to the sink area (water location), then to the cooktop....and you can make several "rounds" like this before the food is actually prepared; and then again during clean-up.. Important things to remember when planning your work triangle are: how many steps are taken between each of the points, 4' to 9' for each "leg" is a good rule of thumb for distance, is there enough working and clear countertop space within those three points; keep "interruptions" out of the triangle such as an island, a busy "traffic lane," doorways, and other tall cabinets; and above all, don't think these rules don't apply or that you can "fudge" in your kitchen because of this or that. If you want a kitchen that makes sense when you're working in it and to the next homeowner who buys the house, absolutely plan an efficient work triangle because you'll be glad you did; otherwise you'll be cursing yourself each time you use it. In your case with the G-shaped kitchen, if it seems somewhat confining or too enclosed because of one of the lines of cabinetry, you might consider taking one out completely and making it a U-shape, then you may have room for an island instead.
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