Maddie ask for this to be posted

what gets me about all of this is how come we arent saying hi
to maddy instead of discussing who is posting what and how much and that they should be snipping this or chopping that. i love reading what maddy has to say. if i am down she makes me laugh with the things that are going on in fairy holler. maddy has a natural gift for writing and i hope someday that she will put her memories into a book for everyone to enjoy. right now she needs to know that people care and i for one will say hi maddy and i sure miss u and your wonderful stories. who cares if maddy sent a message to this person or that person or to whoever all she wanted to do was to say hi and share her musing
with us irregardless of what is going on in her life she still though of us. maddy thank u. also thank u to those people who were thoughtful enough to take the time to share maddys story and her message with us all. cyaaaaaa, sockiescat :)
-- sockiescat
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