Cordyline australis

Hi, I'm new and firstly wanted to say hello to all!
I have have (had) a large Cordyline Australis, it was about 20yrs old and 4-5metres high but was badly damaged by the severe frosts we had before last Christmas. It lost all it's leaves, and started going soft and rotten from the top downwards.
I cut it down to about 75 or 100mm from the ground about 3 weeks ago and just left it to see if any new shoots would appear. Much to my delight, in the last few days 5 new strong shoots have appeared!
The top of the remaining trunk was cut at a slight slope so water would not pool on the top of the stump, but should I put (paint) anything on the exposed top of the stump where it was cut to avoid any kind of rot?
Thank you.

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