Stanley 3100-4 garage door opener with a circuit board #2833-02 does not work after storm damage

I have a Stanley 3100-4 opener with a circuit board #2833-02 and the unit does not work at all after some storm damage. This is a old chain drive unit and I can not seem to locate a replacement board. Does anyone have a source for a replacement board????
Thanks Mike
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I honestly don't know who still carries a control board for a pre-1982 garage door like yours.   If you are willing to change remotes and fuss with wiring and mounting of the board inside the opener's body, newer control boards like P/N 49460 are still available and provide pretty much the same functional outputs for the motor, capacitor and lights except of course the connector will have to be redone and the colors of the wires will not match. That's not an easy road to take though because good descriptions of control board outputs are not easily available either and in the end you will be fixing an opener that's 30+ years old. But if replacing the entire thing is out of question, you may try the control board conversion approach.
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