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  The trickle has become a pretty good flow of produce from the garden
. A batch of tomatoes (quarts) every few days , jalapenos to pickle and
serranos strung up to dry , another batch of Anaheims almost ready to
stuff and enjoy . The white greasy and Mattie Beane green beans are
struggling , both have been severely attacked by Japanese beetles - and
they're starting on the okra . I may have to resort to a chemical
pesticide if I'm going to get any beans . The red ripper field peas
however are going gangbusters , covered with pods . Cukes are slowing ,
zukes still haven't made any fruits , but the pumpkins (or butternut
squash , I'm not certain which survived) have set a few though . I
should have had my soil tested long before I did ...
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Terry Coombs
if i get out in the early morning they're not very active and easily knocked into a container of very slight soapy water (just a drop or two per quart). once they're drowned they get scattered at the end of the driveway for the birds to eat. something does eat them because they're not there for long.
i've seen more this season than last season so i'll be getting out there tomorrow morning to scan for some and to thin them out a little before i water.
all the beans are doing ok here from what i can tell. a lot of flowers. had a pod the other day and have to check for more on other plants, but have been so busy this week hardly had time to get out there much at all.
i hope tomorrow i can get a full day in the gardens for a change.
i took a few more pictures today, but who knows when i'll get them looked at and/or posted. :) too busy trying to get caught up. finally got the garlic lifted and it is now drying/curing (haha rfc) a bit later than desired but it is done. on to the next thing (daily chores or when those are caught up on then i get back to weeding the north garden).
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