things looking pretty good

so far. :)
recent rains have really helped out with getting
some nice growth on all the garden plants.
the tomatoes are almost as tall as i am and seeing
plenty of fruits forming. it is going to be
interesting times canning if all these plants come
through (we'll need to be buying canning jars).
cucumbers i've been picking for a few weeks. since
we don't have as many plants as last year it isn't as
i have one baby hubbard squash already forming.
first time i've tried to grow these. the other squash
are getting more leaves and blooms so it shouldn't
be too long before seeing some fruits form on those
beans are blooming a lot and putting on some beans.
Japanese Beetles doing some chewing so i need to check
the plants each morning and pick off some of the bugs
and squish 'em.
melons i'm not sure i have any fruits starting to
form yet, but they are blooming.
onions starting to get bulbs.
peas mostly done, but a few weeks yet for the later
varieties to start drying down.
garlic is lifted, nice crop, only three bulbs are
showing signs of trouble and we'll use those first. it
takes a while to dry/cure it before it goes into dark
and cool storage. i need to get out eventually and
snip off the tops of the garlic that is still around
the yard to keep those from dropping and starting even
more plants.
the heat/humidity today was rather attrocious but it
is mid-summer. it should be a little cooler this week.
some rains in the forecast. be nice if the rains are
regular enough i don't have to use the well to water.
hope your gardens are doing well! :)
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