pear tree - propagating from root-shoots ?

My neighbour decided to cut down a lovely large healthy
old pear tree in their front yard - ~ 2 years ago.
Walking by yesterday I noticed many dozens of -
what looked like - little pear trees emerging in the area
around the stump up to ~ 30 feet away from the stump.
I assume these are sprouting from the roots.
Is it possible to dig these out and start them rooting in pots ?
If so - advice is most welcome.
Would a tree that old < guessing 60 - 70 years ? >
have been grafted at the roots like many modern fruit trees ?
ie: would the root sprouts be a different species ?
John T.
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grafting is fairly old technology.
i'd say there is a good chance it was grafted to begin with.
if you have the space and time to take some of those bits and to get them moved and growing eventually you would be able to find out for sure (if the fruit from the bits you take is different than the fruits they normally harvested from that tree) if it was a grafted tree.
IMO, if you want a pear tree for yourself you could do better by just going and buying some (closer to the fall for your area as right now is a rotten time to transplant a fruit tree in the northern hemisphere).
do some research on types first as some will be more suited and what you want than others. also it is often a good idea to have several types that will flower about the same time so they can cross-pollinate each other (gives a better crop).
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On Thu, 16 Jul 2020 03:07:26 -0400, songbird wrote:
Thanks for the input / advice. My main interest in this was the " preservation " of a hearty old pear tree variety - not just having another fruit tree in my yard. My neighbour also thought that this was a poor time of year to try this. Anyone with experiences good or bad in digging & starting root-shoots for fruit trees - your input is welcome. John T.
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You could try transplanting some in the fall and leave a few growing where they are, if they're not in an inconvenient location.
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On Thu, 16 Jul 2020 05:31:27 -0700 (PDT), Pavel314 wrote:
Unfortunately - the sprouts are not on my property and will probably get mowed-off before fall - unless I can convince the neighbour to protect a few for me ... John T.
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