When to start fertilizing?

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When to start fertilizing?
1) sprouts from seeds?
2) transplants from the nursery?
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T wrote:
depends upon the size of the seeds and if you've repotted into more fertile medium than seed starting mix. usually i would only supplement fertilize only if the plants are showing signs of deficiency (why waste $?)...
only when actively growing and showing signs of deficiency.
after a few years of planting various things you should have some idea of what is normal given your other conditions (like this year we've had a lot of rain but not much sunshine so plants will be lagging a bit).
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In article T writes:
For seeds started inside, I start when they get the first set of true leaves.
Once things are outside, I'm pretty inconsistent.
I usually add bone & blood meal to the hole when setting things out. Aside from that, I don't do much unless I see signs of a problem.
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