Earth Nails: History of the Dandelion

Hi All,
If you have 11 minutes and 38 seconds of your life that you do not
know what to do with, this is a fascinating history of the Dandelion
from the History Guy:
Dandelions and Civilization
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Death to Earwigs!
Death to Squash Bugs!
Death to Cheatgrass!
Death to Dandelions!
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In article T writes:
I kind of like dandelions. But then, I have distain for lawns, so there may be a connection.
My wife gets stressed about them, so I at least try to pluck the flowers to keep the plants in stealth mode.
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Drew Lawson
same with Mom, she hates them. i don't really mind them since they are not sow-thistle or any of the other thistles or wild grape vines or honeysuckles or speedwell or ...
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