getting there

i have sprouts coming up from the beans i planted
on the 3rd. :)
not many chipmunks running around so perhaps i can
keep most of these from being eaten as they sprout
and get plants and then beans from them.
this year i'm growing a lot of fresh eating bean
varieties so we should have way more than we'll need
of both wax and green beans. most of these are
new varieties to me so it will be fun to see which
of them we like the most.
as planting goes along i have only three gardens
remaining inside the fenced area to plant. one of
them i hope i can finish this evening. there's a
killdeer nesting right next to it so i may take
my ear muffs out there to take her down a few
decibles. she's tame enough that i can get close
to her, but i know she won't like it if i'm
moving in the garden right next to her.
the quicker gardens and plantings are those where
i'm not moving the worm farm buckets out to use in
the gardens. the last two gardens to be done will
involve me using the last five buckets up and then
i can restart them again. i also have to work
around the tulips finishing up in those gardens so
that takes a bit more time. still i should meet my
goal of having all the gardens inside the fenced
area planted by the end of this weekend. *whew*
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