Need Advice on Lilies I planted today

I just got done planting a bed of Regal trumpet lilies and threw in one Easter lily to see if it might come back next year. First the lilies came by FedEx and were sprouted and some bent at right angles. Will they straighten out?
Second, since I can't spade (back and getting too old for deep spading) and the soil has some hard spots in it, ran into roots (hope the lilies can adjust), I did it this way. I got one of those four-tined forks and worked the ground over, then mixed a little peat and old topsoil in that. Then I have this drill bit for taking soil samples and planting bulbs so I used that. It is not all it's cracked up to be, but with that and a trowel, I got the holes as deep as I could. Instructions said five inches, I thought it should be eight but was lucky to get five.
After I got all the bulbs planted (forgot to mention I put a 1/2 tsp bone meal and covered it with a little soil in the holes that I could, some were too shallow), I dumped all that funny stuff they come packed in thinking it will mulch and degrade. Then I threw some fresh planting soil over that, soaked it well with the hose, finally topped it off with a half a bag of cypress mulch. Will give it a second soaking after it settles awhile since the area hasn't been planted for a long time.
I hope I didn't do anything too terrible. I'm afraid to add any more bone marrow at the surface right now, maybe in the fall or next spring.
Now I am worried about rabbits, chipmunks and squirrels ruining all my hard work and investment. Has anyone tried a product called Liquid Fence? My other alternatives are ugly, chicken wire and old screens screwed together, and maybe some chicken wire over the top until they start getting taller.
Another option I read which I have plenty of is thorny rose cuttings. If I spread a bunch of those in the bed, do you think it would help so I could skip the ugly fencing? They take quite awhile to biodegrade.
Any suggestions appreciated that don't cost too much and don't involve digging them up and replanting.
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