when to prune radish sprouts?

Hi All,
This may be putting the cart before the horse as the earwigs
may mow my radish sprouts flat, but how tall should I let
my radish sprouts get and how far apart should they be
when I prune them.
I want
1) as many radishes as possible
2) as many greens as possible (from the pruning)
Many thanks,
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T wrote:
space for biggest sized radish you want plus about 1/4-1 inch gap between bodies of radishes.
thin a few days after sprouting (before the leaves get too big). i use scissors to avoid damage or disturbing roots of neighboring plants.
radish seeds can often be bought in bulk from the grain elevators if you have any around check them out. then you can plant many times for not much $ and have all the sprouts you want. daikon radish have bigger leaves. also will bust heavy soil if you let them go. i didn't think the deer would eat them since they left them alone all summer, but this past winter when conditions got thick enough snow the deer came through and ate every single one of them back to the ground. some were a few feet long and several inches across and in our clay that's pretty good. :)
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