Earwigs are back

But they don't seem to like my radishes this year.
I am growing China Rose this year.
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So far I have stepped on about four, carved about two up
with garden utensils, and sprayed about four.
The four I sprayed were on my radish bed, but the did not seem to like
the radish sprouts. Two days later when I rechecked, I could
not find a one. Last year I would kill about 300 at a time on
my radish bed.
Hopefully my radish sprouts will be large enough
before the armies of earwigs come out in force.
It is going to be in the 80F's all week, which will
trigger a mash hatch of the buggers. Maybe ...?
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T wrote: ...
sorry, no experience here with massive earwig numbers, dunno much about them other than i see a few here or there. i think the snakes, frogs, toads, etc. must be eating them.
i've seen mention of traps for them (upside down pots full of straw/grass/hay on sticks) vaguely i recall that. see if you can google it, i'm off to sleep... :)
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