plant radishes?

Hi All,
I was thinking of planting rose radishes in my
failed potato onion bed.
Problem: I have to beet the earwigs to a plant
large enough to survive them. Needs to be about
four inches tall for them to leave along. (My
earwigs will dig a hole down to eat a sprout
that has not make it to the surface.) The
earwigs some out about the start of June.
So, the weather dips to 31F one out of four days
a week. Is it too soon to plant rose radishes?
Many thanks,
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T wrote:
i'm not familiar with radish varieties other than daikon and some long ones that grow more like a carrot than a round ball radish that you would usually see in the store.
i use these for poking roots down through the clay.
deer eat them if i don't.
radishes are indicated as somewhat cold tolerant, but because they can grow so quickly and easily i'd not worry too much. just plant them in staggered plantings about a week apart and thin as needed.
i much prefer radish sprouts over the radishes themselves. :)
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