Is it too late to replant potato onions?

Hi All,
Greetings from the Pineapple Express!
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We got soaked in rain and snow. Only four of my ~
20 potato onions sprouted. All of my shallots did,
but they got a lot less sky water. (Their bed is
in the shadow of a pine tree.)
Is it too late to replant potato onions? Or Should I
wait again until next fall and plant something else in
their bed for the time being.
I have HUGE garlic plants. They love all this snow and rain.
Yipee! There is nothing like fresh garlic from the garden.
Oh and I have got WEEDS! Inspecting my weeds, what is that
growing out the middle my weeds? MY WEEDS GOT WEEDS!!!
I have got dandelion MOUNDS! They are 18 inches around and
10 inches tall!!! I tried digging one up. There must be
10 individual root systems in each mound.
My Potato Onion bed got soaked in rain, frozen solid,
snowed on, thawed and turned into a lake, had
green stuff growing in it, got frozen again, more
rain, more snow, repeat. I am surprised anything survived.
One time, I went out to inspect, but my shoe started to sink,
so try again another day. I now walk on top of the weeds,
using them as stepping stones.
You win some you lose some.
On the bright side, my favorite fishing hole will
have lots of water this year! Already caught one trout
out if it!
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T wrote:
i'll have to let others answer this as i have no experience with potato onions.
true. i have tons of it to weed out and eat.
if the space isn't being used for something else weeds are a better use than bare dirt. but if you have any extra or old seeds around for garden veggies or other ground covers you can sprinkle them on the weedy areas so they can get going.
as the replacement plants sprout and grow you can gradually weed out the weeds and let the new plants shade them.
yes, if you don't get the whole root they can return. good think dandelion greens are edible.
yes, deer and rabbits are in good supply this year.
i can't fish any longer and enjoy it, but i did really enjoy walking the streams/rivers. i've walked most/every river in the Keweenaw Peninsula (many years ago now).
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I am trying to make that purselane, considered a weed by those who haven't tasted it. Got to remove all the other weeds first.
I spread purslane seeds all overt he place last fall.
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T wrote:
i've been eating some of it at times when i am weeding. i'm not sure i want to eat a lot of it as it can have a high oxalate. i do like it. i also like that you can change the flavor by when you harvest it.
there are plenty of other weeds around here too which i try to keep after. a few i introduced by mistake. luckily the worms like all of them after they bake in the sun for a bit.
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How do you kill a dandelion such that you can bury it and not have it sprout back up?
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T wrote: ...
dig it up and dry it out completely. it may take some time depending upon how large it is and how hot/dry your weather is. make sure the flowers are removed if they've set seeds (bury them deeply enough where they'll not be disturbed).
when we were out for a walk the other day we came across a mutated dandelion. i wanted a picture of it but did not have the camera with me. it contained a very large stalk with several flowers forming the top. each flower was just like a regular dandelion flower.
i wanted to bring the flower stalk home so i could get pictures, but was forbidden - not like i'd spread it around...
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