getting warm weather plants in

we've had a lot of rain this spring. the ground
is pretty saturated. Saturday morning we had 4+ inches
of rain so it all ran off. this is the 2nd time in
over 22yrs we had water come over the road.
we picked up plants this past week for putting in
the fenced gardens and those were sitting right
under the eaves of the house so they got pretty washed
out. so we really had to get them planted today as
much as we could. we'll finish up tomorrow.
so as of now we have garlic growing from last fall's
planting, peas from this spring, onions, cucumbers,
dill and peppers. oh, and there are chives and
bunching onions around. after tomorrow we should
have the tomatoes done and then i can get on with
the bean planting.
dang roof leaked again. get to call the roofers
Tues... it wasn't a leak up top so that was good
but it is a leak from before that we thought was
taken care of.
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