Good, if late, weekend

*Finally* got some stuff into the ground.
We've had an entertaining spring in western Ohio. We went from
"chance of frost" to "heat advisory" in the span of 3 week. (I may
exhagerate, just a bit.)
That, along with my procrastination in getting the pre-planting
mulch done, has made for some "must do" focus points.
But the (seeded early March) tomatoes are in the ground. As are
seeds for 3 types of cucumbers, 2 pole beans (Blue Lake and black
dried), watermelon and another experimental melon.
More to come, some in pots, but I haven't hauled enough mulch yet.
What with weather, grand-kid sports, and hips/heart that are out
of warantee, I've slacked more than I would like.
But a good-ish start.
I've been canning pasta sauce for (I think) 7 years now. I'm hoping
(as is my wife) that I get beans canned this year. And there is
the (she doesn't know) goal of beats and spinach.
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Drew Lawson
yay! it feels good to get things going at last... :)
putting it mildly, this has been such a wet spring here, i'll be lucky to get everything planted this week or next.
there are always other things to work around.
i'd be done planting by now if it weren't for these other things.
take care of yourself and listen to what your body tells you. if you need a break, find a nice place to sit and enjoy the gardens.
we have a standing joke here about the benches and places to sit that we have around that we never use them. i take a lot of my breaks sitting right in the gardens themselves where i'm working. just look around and watch the birds or the bugs and listen to the wind-chimes or whatever is going on.
:) beans. i have a lot of new beans to try out this year so it should be interesting. someone was getting rid of a bunch of bush beans they didn't plan on growing any more so i said i'd take them. often i don't get any reply to my asking, but this time the guy came through. so i have on top of all of my previously planned beans about another dozen more types to try out this year...
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