roofing tar paper

Hi Susan,
I'd personally be afraid of all the chemicals. Maybe something hard, like pavers?
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T wrote:
Or better yet , some boidegradable cardboard . Keeps weeds down , moiusture in , and enrichens the soil as it decomposes . Most all boxes are now printed with nontoxic inks , so no worries there . BTW , how old is the original post we're responding to ?
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Terry Coombs
There's no telling how long some posts seem to be. I've seen some on here from lots of years ago. Maybe there is a ghost floating around too.
We used to use newspapers, ink is from carbon nowadays and also the cardboard which now uses inks that are not chemicals.
With our above ground garden beds and the use of man made "soils" we seldom have weeds coming up unless the blasted birds are resting on the cages. I guess that bird poop is about as organic as it can be so we leave them alone. Ran another cat out of the yard this afternoon, cat poop is NOT a good fertilizer. We clean up after our small dog and the poop goes into a 12 inch diameter sewer pipe dug into the ground in an upright stand. Earthworms take care of that stuff and nothing else bothers it.
Our spring/summer garden is going crazy, the early lettuce has already run wild and the tomatoes are as big as tennis balls and still green. Temps are running in the low eighties but some nights still get down to 50F. Two snap freezes in January knocked down a few of our seedling fruit trees but the roots are coming back. We're looking for more rain this coming week which will be welcome.
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George Shirley
not really a good idea. it breaks down and petrochemicals aren't the best for any garden soil.
landscape fabric with a four inch layer of wood chips if you can get them for free.
after five to ten years they'll be partially degraded and a great garden amendment. we use quite a few of these. we'll worth the effort.
if any weeds happen to try to get going in them the weeds are easily pulled (get them before they set seeds and/or spread or put deep roots down which can find cracks to get through the fabric or along the edges).
some boxes are coated with a shiny layer which is plastic. it is much better to not use those, the more plain the better IMO, black ink on the brownish/tan cardboard is good, plain with no printing is best.
Tues, Apr 27, fairly recent. not sure if the OP was responding to something else.
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