hard frost

wonder how it will effect the strawberry
crop as the plants were in bloom. i seem to
recall that it made some impact but not
enough to ruin the entire crop for me.
the lilac bush was just starting to fully
open up the blooms. as i am severely allergic
to those i would not really mind (but don't
tell Mum that :) ) if it doesn't bloom much.
just that it was looking very nice this year.
other than that, it is the usual early-mid-
spring here. getting gardens ready for
planting out in a few weeks when it gets
warmer enough. tulips about midway, daffodils
mostly done other than the later ones.
in other news the website is mostly done and
many changes have been made as the spring has
allowed me to get in there. the old flowers
page is now gone and replaced by individual
topics of interest or groups of pictures and
various thoughts (some not quite that i'm sure
as flights of fancy) - using hugo to generate
the site and the theme is called the academic
theme. under that the individual posts can be
called posts or projects depending upon if it
is news of a moment or something i want to
group and access for later. in either case it
can be tagged for searching so that makes it
nice to find things of interest. it is much
easier for me to add things now and that really
helps encourage further updates when i can get
to it.
the most recent update was to the fungi page
with a morel mushroom showing up in the limestone
mulch (of all places) - while i was adding that i
also put in some other mushroom/fungi pictures.
the mixed-flowers page was the last major bits
moved from the old flowers page, but also added
some other pictures too and reverting to the
topic which started this page the edibles has a
few strawberry pictures. :)
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what is new in your world? :)
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Heat, and possibly rain, I hope. Expecting rain for the next several days and we need it. Spring garden is producing prolifically. Lots of green stuff, tomatoes, peppers are coming on well. Due to frosts in January there will probably be no pears or figs to pick in the fall. The kumquat tree hasn't started blooming as yet but it is a bit early for that one.
Dear wife destroyed a bit of the back gate the other day, doesn't know her on strength. I am trying to find a fencing company that will at least reply to my emails so I can have the back fence completely torn down and replaced with better materials. Looks like the whole area is getting new fences or someone would have called. Might have to get the grandson's to do the fencing with my management.
I am now toting a cane all the time, luckily I have several different canes due to bad leg problems in the past. Now it is a necessity due to the paralysis on the right side. Have an appointment to doctor to check left leg, it is starting to feel numb and that worries me. I'm at 208 lbs now and need to drop about 20 lbs to keep some leg working.
Tilly Dawg is getting around pretty good since she's on a diet and she still has problems with the barometric pressure changes, makes her sneeze a lot and she can sure blow out a lot of dog snot. Wife cringes when she does it but I just grab a tissue and take care of the dawg. It's not any worse than changing a baby diaper.
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George Shirley
we are forecast for mid 80s this week. from nights of frost last week. some rain chances mon, tue and then at the end of the week.
just doing the usual, weeding. planted a few onion sets (mostly for the flowers because the large size). red onions and cross breeds from seeds planted last year or the year before and some much smaller white and yellow sets. hard to believe they didn't completely dry up and shrivel away being stored since the middle of last summer.
i would love some new fencing. in one area the deer have just trampled through the chicken wire and stakes we had put up. the hoof prints in the unfenced gardens are saying this is a moose or elephant and not a deer... big honker.
good luck, it is so hard to lose weight when you can't move easily and there is easy pickings all around (goodies, snacks, and we're both good cooks). i need to drop about that too it is going to make me feel miserable again this summer. as it has come on over the past five years i would be glad if i can take it off in the next few years. just having held steady this past few months is a victory, but i should not check my weight now because it's been a week of lasagna, garlic bread, salads and orange apricot peach cream cheese jello.
i think it would be much better than a diaper! :)
i can blow a gallon of snot these days if the wind direction is from the N or NE (tree pollen and/or lilac bush). once those are done life gets easier (best season is once the grass is done flowering too).
have a good day George, hope Miss Anne and Tilly enjoy the day and you are having a nice gathering or party.
we have a few people coming over for veggie pizza, fresh strawberry pie and salad, probably a banana cream pie too.
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