Picked the last of the leaf lettuce this morning, or rather, the wife
dood it. Getting heats in the mid-eighties routinely so a lot of the
early spring or late winter stuff will be turning into compost. So, we
will eat a lot of salads and sandwiches for a while.
My right leg is barely functional nowadays and the left one is starting
to show some loss of function too. I'm not ready for a wheel chair yet
but it might be sooner than later. Trying to lose another 25 or so lbs
to slow the outcome down. I'm at 208 lbs now now and shooting for 190 or
less. I will turn 78 in September and hope to make a few more years. So
far I am the oldest Shirley male ever in my line. Thank goodness for
modern medicine.
I think I will go fishing soon, has been a long time for that.
George, in Hot, Hot, Houston area.
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George Shirley

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